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Eesti keel algajad

Eesti keel algajatele (A1.1)

If you have never studied Estonian before,
If you have studied Estonian before, but can´t bring yourself to remember any of it,
If you are convinced you can´t do without Estonian anymore,
                                                                                                    this is the course for you.

We deal with topics and sentence structures that help you to successfully express yourself in simple daily and work-related situations. As we aim at widening your vocabulary and enhancing the courage to speak, the emphasis is placed on developing speaking skills. In addition, we also deal with developing listening, reading and writing skills as well as practise grammar.
We combine business with pleasure using a variety of methods and activities such as pair work, group work, dialogues, information gap activities, vocabulary games, role plays, board games, etc.
By the end of the course you will know how to present yourself and talk about yourself a little, say hello and good-bye, ask for and tell the time, make excuses, ask for and give directions, make simple phone calls, etc.
The course is based on E nagu Eesti, Saame tuttavaks! and the language materials by Folkuniversitetet.

  Greetings and goodbyes,
  Introducing yourself and others,
  Friends and family,
  Eating out,
  Business and pleasure,
  Home, sweet home,
  What can you do?

Eesti keele A1 taseme õppekava

HIND: 186 € / 180 € ((üli)õpilased ja 2018. a. kevadel Folkuniversitetetis õppinud). Õppemaksu saab tasuda ühes, kahes või kolmes osas.
KURSUSE MAHT: 54 ak tundi (17.09 - 17.12 E/K 08.30 - 10.00) Koolitaja: Evelyn Pukspuu
ÕPPEMATERJAL: Hind sisaldab õppematerjali
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