Present Perfect and Past Simple
Choose the correct tense form.

1They ________ on holiday last month.
have been

2She ________ here for 10 years and she doesn't want to leave.
has worked

3They ________ to Mexico but they'd like to go.
have never been
never went

4________ him about the accident yet?
Have you told
Did you tell

5He ________ in Tartu for two years but then he moved.
has lived

6Let's watch the video or ________ it yet?
have you seen
did you see

7Bill's not here. He ________ out to lunch.
has just gone
just went

8________ tried Thai food?
Have you ever
Did you ever

9________ home late yesterday evening?
Has he come
Did he come

10He ________ yet, has he?
hasn't answered
didn't answer