Complete each gap with a suitable word!
1. Adults generally watch a movie on video or DVD once or twice, making it more _______ to rent than buy.
2. The government is trying to promote political stability and _______ growth.
3. The government has demonstrated its belief in a market _______ by privatizing inefficient state companies.
4. The company will continue to _______ by shedding a further 2,000 jobs this year.
5. Many _______ believe the recession is ending.
6. The _______ climate is not likely to improve significantly in the current year.
7. Kuoni Travel offers a range of medium-priced and _______ hotels.
8. Environmentalists insist that polystyrene recycling can be _______.
9. Some people think that with or without experiments _______ is not and never can be a proper science.
10. The small-size-only offerings that used to fill shelves have been replaced with _______-size packages.
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