The language of meetings
1 I'm afraid you are not in a ... to question my decisions.
2 As a matter of ... we have tripled the sales over the past five years.
3 Let's get straight to the ... .
4 Well, there's no easy ... to this problem.
5 It's not just a ... of time, is it?
6 Putting up prices is no longer an ... for us.
7 I think that his comment was beside the ... .
8 Is there anyone here who has a ... with that?
9 I think we have no ... but to redo the whole thing.
10 A new Xerox is out of the ... - we can't afford it.
11 That contract is not our ..., is it?
12 I suggest we don't make a ... out of the small set-back.
13 I think your idea might be the ... .
14 Fine. So, what's your ... on this?
Your score is