Products and Brands
Choose a suitable word for each gap.
1. PLK's product _____ has undergone a rapid change. They have added several new product categories to their portfolio.
2. MCI expands its security product _____ adding some products, which are aimed at smaller businesses.
3. If we want people to remember and recognize our brand, we have to have a big campaign to develop people's brand _____.
4. Government figures for consumer _____ show that half of British households own PCs.
5. What _____ is your car? - Ford
6. Ford launched a new _____ last week.
7. Brand _____ is what people think about a brand and how they see it.
8. When Tom Cruise drives a Lexus in Minority Report, that's product _____, isn't it?
9. Brand _____ is everything the company wants the brand to be seen as.
10. Mary is a brand _____ of a big company. She develops programmes that increase brand identity and awareness for specific products.
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