1 Frank is ... the car industry.
2 He works ... a major international car company.
3 He works ... marketing strategies for the company.
4 In fact, he is responsible ... the whole marketing department.
5 He is also in charge ... the company's marketing budget.
6 25 people work ... him.
7 Frank works closely ... different advertising agencies.
8 He deals ... a lot of different people in the company.
9 His wife is ... of work at the moment. She would like to find a part-time job.
10 They live in the country, so Frank leaves ... work at 7 every day.
11 It takes him two hours to get ... work.
12 He arrives ... work at about nine.
13 Luckily, he can rely on his team and take the time ... work when his family needs him.
14 He is happy to have the job. He knows many young people who are ... of work.
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