Choose the correct word and write it in the gap!

1. Paul thinks motor racing is very . (interesting/interested)
2. I like being a nurse. It's very to be able to help people who are ill. (satisfying/satisfied)
3. We were glad to arrive after such a long and journey. (tiring/tired)
4. Jane's boss was very with her work. He agreed to increase her salary. (pleased/pleasing)
5. Please stop making that noise. It's very ! (annoying/annoyed)
6. It's been raining all day. I hate this. The weather is . (depressing/depressed)
7. Are you in football? (interesting/interested)
8. Why do you always look so ? Is your life really so ? (boring/bored)
9. I had never expected to get the job. I was really when I got the offer. (amazed/amazing)
10. He works very hard. It's not that he's always tired. (surprising/surprised)