Choose a suitable modal verb on the right to complete each sentence on the left.
1. You aren't ________ to drive unless you have a driving licence.
2. You ________ feed animals in the zoo.
3. Oh, it smell so good. Mum ________ be making breakfast.
4. You must keep it a secret! You ________ tell anybody else.
5. You aren't working tomorrow, so you ________ get up early.
6. You ________ arrive any later than 3 o'clock or you won't be allowed in.
7. He hasn't eaten since breakfast - he ________ be really hungry.
8. You ________ play computer games if you've finished your homework.
9. They ________ have special qualifications if they want to work with children.
10. I'm supposed to work on Saturdays now and then but fortunately I ________ work every day during the week.
11. She wasn't ________ in. She didn't have a ticket.
12. They ________ be quilty - who else could have done it?
13. When you come to Estonia again, you ________ come and see me.
14. You are going to Spain next week! You ________ be looking forward to it.
15. They passed the test. They ________ have studied hard.
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