Fill in the gaps with '-ed' or '-ing'.
1. Bill and Sophie have a very excit life.
2. Last night there was an extremely bor film on TV.
3. Why are you yawning? Are you bor? - No, I'm just tir.
4. He got so excit when he heard the news.
5. She was very worri when her Mum went to hospital.
6. He kept talking about his new girlfriend and everybody thought it was so annoy.
7. They were so surpris that they couldn't say a word.
8. Are you interest in football?
9. The situation got more and more worry.
10. He passed the test? That's surpris! He didn't even open his books before the test.
11. I don't understand the instructions. They are so confus.
12. They were disappoint when they didn't win.
13. Mum was annoy when Tim showed her his exam results.