Decide if the sentence is true or false!
1. I have studied English for 5 years.
2. When was John born?
3. I finished to read the book yesterday.
4. We were having dinner when Meg arrived.
5. - What is Mary like? - Reading.
6. I would like going to the theatre.
7. I like playing ice-hockey in my free time.
8. - What's Rome like? - It's like very old.
9. Can you recommend good restaurant?
10. John is not as tall than Mike, is he?
11. When did you finish painting the house?
12. Your car is older than mine.
13. Mark is smartest boy in the class.
14. Where do you like to go?
15. What was the weather like yesterday?
16. When was you born?
17. What are you afraid of?
18. Who are you waiting for?
19. Mary is good in swimming.
20. Have you seen the new film yet?
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