Hot Verbs
Fill each gap with a suitable verb!
1 I'm not prepared to ..... risks - I want my parachute properly checked.
2 You shouldn't ..... the same mistakes as I did.
3. You need to ..... a course in Swedish if you want to improve it.
4. I ..... no idea where Meg could be.
5. I'd like to ..... a go at writing a book one day.
6. Never ..... a promise that you cannot keep.
7. My assistant will ..... all the necessary arrangements for the trip.
8. They are going to ..... a lot of money with their business in the future.
9. When did you last ..... a photo of someone famous?
10. ..... sure all the lights are out when you leave.
11. He didn't ..... an affair with his colleague.
12. When did you last ..... an argument with your wife?
13. I would like you to ..... your own choice.
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