Money 1
Complete the sentences with suitable verbs!
1. Some people were in the street to ..... money for charity.
2. - How much did you ..... last year? - Enough to support my family.
3. She decided to ..... her prize money in the stock market.
4. I think that corporations should not be allowed to ..... to political parties.
5. We had to ..... £ 50,000 from the bank to buy a small flat.
6. I didn't ..... the house from my parents. I bought it.
7. Could you ..... me some money?
8. You can ..... £ 3 if you buy the ticket before Sunday.
9. I'll ..... you the money if you pay it back next week.
10. The company decided to ..... in foreign markets.
11. - I've been trying to ..... money to buy a new car.
- Wouldn't it be easier to borrow the money from the bank?
12. We need to ..... more money for homeless kids. Can you help us?
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