Phrasal Verbs
Fill the gaps with suitable particles.
1. Come in! But please, take ____ your muddy boots.
2. Don't forget to switch ____ your phones when the presentation starts.
3. That's an old newspaper. Throw it ____.
4. You have to deal ____ your problems.
5. I think we should call ____ the birthday party. Nobody can come.
6. It's cold outside. Put ____ your coat.
7. Hold ____, I'll see if he is here.
8. Would you like to try ____ another pair of jeans?
9. Hang ____! I see what you mean, but ...
10. What is this jacket doing on the sofa? Why don't you hang it ____?
11. It's getting dark. Could you switch ____ the lights?
12. They split ____ after twenty years of marriage.
13. I'll come and pick you ____ at the airport.
14. He looks intelligent and handsome. He certainly takes ____ his father.
15. Do you think you could look ____ my son tonight?
16. He was born in Florence but he grew ____ in Rome.
17. You shouldn't give ____ jogging. It keeps you fit.
18. If you don't know his phone number, look it ____ on the Internet.
19. You should take ____ some sports. It helps you to relax.
20. I can't hear the music. Turn it ____!
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